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Heart's Harvest Coaching Packages

Coaching is an investment in yourself.  It is an opportunity to have a guide through often difficult times of transition.  It’s having a partner who can help you clarify your objectives and really get to the heart of the matter.  It’s having someone to hold your feet to the fire, and someone to witness your biggest dreams for yourself.  Getting coached is knowing you’ll have an objective collaborator who will encourage and support you each step of the way. Having a coach is a gift to yourself that will bring rewards time and time again.


Coaching can be conducted either:

  • By video teleconference over your computer using Zoom

  • By telephone

Coaching begins with a free 60 minute telephone consultation in which we will discuss your goals for coaching, how we will work together, my background, the Coaching Agreement, and the pre-coaching questionnaire.  

Barbara offers the following coaching packages:

Four Session Basic Program includes four sixty minute coaching sessions, one each week or every other week.  Investment:  $495.  After completing the first month, additional sessions may be added for $125 per session. This is a great choice for a specific, easily defined transition, with goals that are clear.

Twelve Session Premium Program includes twelve sixty minute coaching sessions, typically one each week to begin with. Investment: $1395. Additional sessions my be added at any time for $125 per session. This is a better choice for a difficult transition that needs to happen over time, where you are less clear about how to get from Point A to Point B and how you will manage yourself during the process.

Low Income? I know what it's like to need help and not be able to afford it.  I've been there.  Figure out what you think you can pay and let's chat about how to make that happen.

Payment may be made at least monthly by check or via Venmo or Zelle.


"You are so worth it"
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