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When I started seeing Barb, I was utterly lost and ready to do the work to build myself a path forward. I just didn't have the tools to begin to look inside myself and compassionately ask the questions that would need to be answered before any real work could be done. Barb not only asked those questions but taught me how to ask them of myself so that I am better prepared for all of life's challenges going forward.

Barb is the most compassionate, open-minded, intuitive person I've ever met. She knew when I was lying to myself and her even when I didn't realize it. She gently guided me through the cycles of self-hatred and self-sabotage that have paralyzed me for years. With her help, I have learned skills that will continue to guide my life's journey in such a way that I am able to constantly come back and check in with myself the same way that she did, reflect on whether or not I'm living in line with my values and stop beating myself up when in the past I would have called myself a failure and given up. I'm so grateful that I chose to reach out to her and incredibly grateful for her influence in my life. - KG

Kind Words

Sometimes it genuinely feels like the universe worked some magic that led me to finding Barbara. When I first met Barb, I felt pretty lost. I was struggling with imposter syndrome and significant self-sabotaging behavior. I remember during our first session saying "Barbara, I don't even know my own values anymore". I had to make a lot of important life decisions at the time and I wanted to have the confidence I needed to make the best possible decisions. Barbara not only helped me with my confidence, but she gave me the tools I needed to cope with my struggles. Barbara helped me equip my toolbox so that whatever challenge life threw my way, I could navigate the obstacles with courage and confidence. During our sessions, we also addressed issues like lack of motivation, debilitating fear, and faulty automatic thoughts. From this moment forward I always think of times "before Barbara" and times "after meeting Barbara" because I genuinely feel like I have grown in ways I could've never imagined before. It's crazy to see how far I have come since meeting her and starting our work together. From worksheets, to weekly sessions, to frequent encouraging emails, my time with Barbara has been one of immense transformation. I feel so grateful to have worked with Barbara and always count her twice when reflecting on my blessings! - GA

Working with Barb has been an absolute joy. I was going through feeling particularly stuck with my life and knew I needed support making a transition. Barb guided me through old patterns, helping me address my internal struggles, and ways to forge a new path towards improved resilience and better preparation for change. Barb is caring, considerate, detail oriented, encouraging, and above all kind. Her approach led me to feel that she not only cared, but had a stake in how I turned out, which made all the difference when I was uncertain and uninspired. Barb really took an interest in how I was progressing and took time to customize the activities that allowed me to see my situation from a different perspective, which was instrumental in figuring out what I was ready to take on. Barb has been a true guiding force in this transition for me and I am eternally grateful for her diligence and grace.  - JC

     Thank you so much for your time and expertise in taking me through experiential exercises to help me get clear on my choices within the transition I am going through. This helped me to really get in touch with my thoughts and feelings and clarify what the best choice was. It provided me peace and a feeling of liberation to know what the best action is and to move forward into that decision.

     I so appreciate your perfect timing and showing up in my life to support me through this transition and help me get clear on the choices I have and the best step forward. You are a caring, kind, intuitive coach who has the ability to tune into the needs of your client and help them discover their best path forward.

     Thank you so much Barbara, you are the best coach I ever worked with! - KO

Working with Barb has helped me to work through major life transitions with strength, power and confidence. I have gone from confused to clear, dependent to independent, and from the mindset of an employee to an entrepreneur with Barb's help.  Her coaching has assisted me in taking myself more seriously and has allowed me to see I have the skills needed to achieve my goals.  Over just the first few weeks of working with Barb I accomplished more than I had in months and had a greater sense of pride about my accomplishments than ever before.  -VM

I owe Barb a debt for helping me to realize things about myself that I've never had the time to examine. I consider myself to be very high achieving, but I was consistently anxious about finding work. Before working with Barb it was very hard to describe WHY I wanted to do things, but Barb was amazing in that she helped me understand some of the fundamental motivations behind my goals, and how I could use that knowledge to make my life better.   - AH

Barb helped me start to have fun, to take care of myself instead of only others, and to find more peace and joy in my life. After a few years of lock down due to COVID I needed a major "reboot" to find a new purpose. In our time together my life has changed so much! I now feel very happy and am excited about the future.  Barb gave me practical suggestions, such as terrific songs to listen to, and activities to encourage my creativity. She has a great collection of wisdom which helped me see things in new ways. Barb is a deep listener and caring coach. I highly recommend her!   - KB

Working with Barb is changing my life for the better and opening up possibilities I never saw for myself. Her coaching has assisted me in regaining my confidence, learning to trust myself and see my worth in the world.  I was not sure what to expect when I started working with Barb but now with her guidance, insight and questions I am able to see a real future for myself and how to prioritize and recognize my needs in order to take care of me and live my life as I want. Barb has become one of the most important figures in my life and I am beyond grateful to her for her incredible insights and support. - DF

Barb is clear, loving, intuitive and direct.  With her vast knowledge and experience, Barb coaches me through it all - no matter what my session starting point.  Our sessions together leave me grounded, optimistic and eager to vision and move forward in my life with clear takeaways, loving what is and all of me!  - NF

For me, it was more than just coaching. There was an understanding and caring that Barb gave to me which helped move me through my struggles and find paths forward. I am a very logical and matter-of-fact individual, and Barb was able to show me that the path forward also meant taking a few steps backward, learning to accept and feel the pains and stresses of my life before I could begin to conquer them and feel at peace with myself. Thank you, Barb!    -BB

I came to Barb for a coaching session when I received some shocking news from a close family member.  Going into our session I felt mostly stunned and numb.  Barb supported me by helping me to identify and put a name to what I was feeling, process that information, and create a script for sharing my feelings with my loved one.  Our coaching session prepared me to communicate calmly, openly and sensitively with my family member and allowed me to be both supportive to him and true to myself and my own feelings.  What could have created a major rift has brought my family member and I closer together! - DD

Working with Barbara during a time of difficult transition in my life has been one of my best decisions. Her ability to help me live in the present and celebrate successes has allowed me to have more positive moments. My sessions with her have been extremely optimistic and forward focused. Barbara has a warm and unpretentious persona. - SG

Working with Barbara has been a delight from the first session. Her kind demeaner and her desire to truly help and make a difference is really inspiring to get started and trust the process. Her patience and experience shine as she allowed me come to my own conclusions and helped me construct an actionable plan to improve. Even though the situation that initially got me involved with Barbara did not work out, the wisdom that she imparted on me has helped me beyond that, and I look forward to employing it for years to come.  - RL

I started working with Barbara to figure out what was next in my life.  I had just closed down a business and was really stuck figuring out where I should go.  Barbara not only helped me develop a plan to move forward, she showed me how to work through all the "stuff" that was holding me back.  It was very easy to be honest with Barbara and I never felt like I was being judged.  I now know what my next steps are and where to go if I ever need a tune up. - DR

Barb Wrigley is an exceptionally talented coach. She guided me through a process in her coaching so that I was able to connect dots I could not connect before. It was an incredibly empowering feeling to be able to move something that mattered a lot to me forward when I had been stuck for sometime. Barb made that happen for me. - KB

The work I’ve done with Barb Wrigley over the past year is nothing short of amazing. Barb consistently hears me and sees me. She knows my story and my goals and she continually nudges me in the direction I originally set out for this wonderful and life-giving journey with her. Barb takes me seriously. She understands that when I work with her I’m creating the future I so want. A year ago I thought my personal dreams for growth and maturing were out of reach. Today they are becoming a daily reality!  Thank you for guiding me on this marvelous journey, Barb!!  - WH

I started working with Barb when I was in a very dark place following the death of my partner. As a widow herself, Barb has walked sensitively with me step by step through this whole messy grief process. For her compassion, insight, and empathy, I am forever grateful! - MM

It’s not just her technical  coaching skills that impress me, Barb was a joy to work with because of her amazingly positive attitude and her uncanny ability to allow you to park your concerns, then provided the safe space to explore career possibilities. - EH

I began working with Barb as my coach during a significant transition in my life.  As someone with a background and 15 years of experience in the organization development field, I knew the value of finding a great coach to help me through this process.  Barb far exceeded my expectations in every way.  She is an independent and objective coach who asked poignant questions and provided frank feedback to help me view the situation from many different angles.  She was my conscience and kept the coaching process on track, always ensuring that I summarized the actions points or steps I would take between sessions.  She is so approachable and I found it so easy to be candid with her knowing that she would keep my confidences.  I will continue to recommend Barb as a coach to individuals seeking support through their transitions.  I can honestly say that I could not have gotten through my major life transition without Barb’s continued and steadfast support as my coach. - DJ

Barb really helped me find the ways and strength to get through a major life ordeal and how to see my way out of it with clarity, vision and goals!  Barb has an amazing ability to connect to her clients.  Just when I felt like I was sinking, she would find a way for me to hold on, narrow my focus and stay grounded in small goal-sets instead of being overwhelmed by the larger entity.  She is so passionate about her work and ties in not only professional goals, but personal growth work during our sessions.  She is a great problem solver and has an innate way of helping me get to the bottom of what I need to do so that each step is manageable.  I am grateful for everything, from logical lists of things to do, to pieces of music, art, and readings -- that all help me on my journey! - GH

My time working with Barbara has given me the opportunity to stop living old stories, step into my power, start listening to the wisdom of all parts of my self, and claim my adulthood. I have learned to reframe regrets, ask new questions, and revalue all my relationships, most of all with myself. Although I have been working with Barb primarily on a career transition, the work we have done together has profoundly opened my heart.  -RS

I truly can't express enough appreciation and gratitude for Barb. She has consistently held deeply loving, affirming, and healing space for me to grow through a slew of various life changes, in the middle of a pandemic! One of the things I appreciate most about her is her ability to genuinely radiate love and unconditional positive regard while also gently, but firmly nudging me forward in my growth and healing.  I consider myself very lucky to have  an opportunity to work with her.  - MR

Barb is a compassionate, insightful coach with a wealth of wisdom, tools, and creativity at her disposal.  She is great at breaking down tasks that feel overwhelming into manageable steps forward, and has helped me to shake loose of stuckness and overwhelm and make progress towards some big goals in my professional transition, celebrating my accomplishments every step of the way.  Many of the metaphors we have worked with in our sessions have really stuck with me throughout our time together, and deeply informed how I walk through the world.  She is a gift!  -RT

April 27, 2017

Barbara - Congratulations on your accomplishment of successfully completing the requirements for the Competency Development Program for Coach Certification, Skills for High Impact Coaching (CDPCC) at the Gestalt International Study Center.  As you have come to realize, CDPCC is a comprehensive and rigorous coaching development experience that requires dedication, commitment and passion.


Your performance in the written exam and oral exam was exceptional and your portfolio was thorough and comprehensive.  I trust you found great learning from your research topic, and enjoyed sharing the learning with the other participants. Your treatment of the topic was thorough and thought provoking. Again, congratulations on your achievement. 


As your Mentor Coach I am so very proud for you.

Mary Anne Walk, MS, MBA, MCC

Co-Director, CDPCC

Gestalt International Study Center

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