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  • #1: But you're my friend! How can you be my coach?
    A: All of my clients are, or soon become, my friends. I care about them deeply and care about what's happening in their lives and the changes they are going through. AND, we work at, and maintain healthy boundaries! We are friends ALL the time, but when we are in a coaching session, I am the coach, and they are the client, for that hour. It works!
  • #2: I don't live anywhere near you. How can you be my coach?
    A: Most of my clients don't live nearby! I use a cloud-based video teleconferencing system called "Zoom" (like Facetime or Skype) so that we can see and hear each other during our sessions. We can connect via any device that has a microphone and a camera, from anywhere in the world. There's nothing to download, nothing to join. I just email you a link to click, and when it's time for our session, we both click the link. If you don't have a device with a camera, we can also just use the telephone for our sessions, but I prefer that we can see each other!
  • #3: I already have a therapist. Why would I want a coach?
    A: Coaches are different from therapists! With a therapist you might ask, "Where am I and how'd I get here?" With a coach, the question is more, "Where am I and where am I headed?" Coaches guide and support you in getting from Point A - Where you are - to Point B - Where you want to be.
  • #4: I don't want or need advice. Why would I hire a coach?
    A: Great coaches do not give advice! They ask great questions to help you figure out where you want to go and what's best for you to do. Working together, we take what's overwhelming, break it into manageable steps, and create a path that leaves you feeling optimistic, grounded, and eager to move ahead.
  • #5: Your title is "Life Transitions Coach." What are some of the transitions you help people with?""
    A: Some of the transitions I work with are helping those who are going through Retirement, Changing Careers, Aging, Downsizing, Losing a Loved One, Moving, Coming Out, Divorce, Starting a Business, and Taking a Risk. These are all transitions that I have personally experienced.
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